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Re: Teamcenter integration for NX performance issues


we have the same performance issue, especially loading larger assembly from TC10.1.7 to NX12.

We tested several databases, Oracle, SQL Servers, three environments (production to devel environment). Indexes are verified and not fragmented.

Teamcenter Integration: Server version: V10000.1.0.71_33_20171216.00

NX12 seem to do a lot of IO even on 4 Tier with the related TCSERVER Process on the Engineering Tier. It seems like there is a SOA request for every single part in the assembly.


10000 times in my wireshark and server syslog. This is especially critical on our sites with 200ms latency, even if all CAD data is cached on site.

Wonder if that is normal in the NX TC10 integration or if we carry a bottleneck from years, over NX5 to 7.5 to 8.5 to 12.

It seems like 50/50, time waiting for the bomline to expand, time loading the files. No idea what the whole environment does there. 

Can that process be done multithreaded? Sometimes even the tcserver on the pool server seem to bottleneck this whole operation even if the database idles.

I mean its no secret that Teamcenter is among the worst software on the planet, slow as hell - but there must be some headroom to get the site loading times from 1000s (140s locally) down to a few hundred at least. I mean, the cad data is there on site, and it could prepare one big request to grab all the required information in once.


What could be a possible missconfiguration and bottleneck? The webtier? The Pool server or maybe and old and crappy soa policy or configuration?  Let me know if you need further details on our configuration.

Thanks for your suggestions! 


Edit: I did a pastebin with our option in our Dev environment


maybe it helps.