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Transactional Operations

Monday and raining, good morning everyone.

Is there the possibility to perform SOA operations bunched into a transaction? For example:


- BeginSOATransaction

  - Create a thousand pieces or parts or items and some unicorns.

  - Delete the unicorns, as they are not needed and they should not even exist.

  - Update some items.

- EndSOATransaction


So that I never get unicorns into Teamcenter in case the transaction crashes in between.

Is this at all possible?


Thanks for understanding the seriousness of this post, even when unicorns are present.


Re: Transactional Operations




We are facing same problem in our scenario.

Do you have any updates on this ? It may help us for our scenario.




Re: Transactional Operations

Transaction control can be managed by maintaining a list of successful operations and reversing each one of them when a failure  becomes present (client side). The undo-checkout is to be used under these situations. Not super simple, but not overly complicated to manage from client code. Also, do not perform the final check-in up until the whole package has been successfully processed.