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I replied to a similar topic, but I thought I'd start a new one too. We are currently without an admin for Teamcenter Express (V5 running NX7.5), and hopefully we'll be updating to something else soon, but I need some help. We have several Items (not IRs) that were accidentally released. I have infodba access in the interim, but I need a quick workflow setup explanation to remove the release status. Can you help me? We have a quick release workflow, and I thought it would be easy to reference that one and reverse some steps, but that didn't go so well.





Re: UN-Release

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Not sure exactly what handlers you have access to in TCX, but here is a simple one step from UA.

Use the normal methods to attach targets to your workflow (probably already have this in your quick release already) like EPM-attach-related-objects on the start of the workflow. 


Use EPM-set-status with the Argument -action and Value -delete



Hope that helps.