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Variants Management


Hi all,


I have recently started working with Creo 3.0 integrated with Teamcenter 10 and have some questions I hope you can help me with.

The product I am working with was previously designed and assembled in Creo and then uploaded into Teamcenter, and now I have to create different variants. Since it is a big product the main assembly is formed by several subassemblies and parts, so for simplification let us say that the product is: Bike.asm = front frame.asm + back frame.asm + wheels.prt + steering.ptr and that the variants are blue and red.


I have tried creating the colour variants of the front frame and back frame assemblies in two different ways: 1.- Cloning the existing assembly in order to maintain the id of the different parts that form it 

2.- Uploading the assembly again with a different ID but maintaining the ID of the different parts that forms it.

In these two cases, I have found that if the colour of the assembly file is changed but the original colour of the parts that forms it is maintained, the change in colour is not registered in the associated JT file. Is there a way to change the colour only in the assembly and register it in the JT file?

Also when the change in colour is done in the parts that conform the assembly the change is applied to all the items with the same ID, will this mean that I have to create three different items (one for each colour) for each of the parts and assemblies that form the product? 

Since the original product is formed by around 1000 parts creating a new item for each part that needs a variant change will be time consuming, is there a more efficient way of creating the variants?


I will appreciate any help you could give me regarding this topic.


Thanks in advance.



Re: Variants Management

Hello Creo,

As far as I understand you are trying to change the colour of the parts in the JTs by changing the value of a 'colour' property in Teamcenter. I would like to know if that is at all possible. I do not know about CREO, but maybe it would be possible to process the parts in a batch and assign the new colour in the CAD solution and then upload them to Teamcenter. As you nicely pointed out before, that will mean creating new items for the variants and it will be time consuming.