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Vismockup automation help




I am trying to customise some of the tasks in vismockup going through the samples files in installation folder.


Need some help in understanding a method in VisDisp3DView Object. In this object there is a method called find.



Find (INPUT_TYPE InputType, FIND_NODE_TYPE NodeType, String strPropName, COMPARE_OP CompareOp, VARIANT PropValue1, VARIANT PropValue2, VARIANT OutNodeList)

PropValue1 - Value of the property named in strPropName to compare against or start of range to compare against.
PropValue2 - End of range to compare against.

I use the above command like below. 


gView.Find(0, 1, "Name", 2, "*", "", AssemblyNodelist)

My question is if I want to find list of assembly names containing any of this string ['1000', '1001', '1002']. Is there any easy way to do this other than using for .. next.


Thanks in advance