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Visualisation with Teamcenter (experience)

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Our office was trying teamcenter visualisation. We have in the moment only JT2Go in use. Our question is now using some one also teamcenter visualisation for measuring, visualisation, layout, presentation, collaboration between different files and video clips? We ask this because the kernel of teamcenter visualisation is not easy to use. You need so many tools to get files in other format like step, sat, obj, skp, dwg, dgn, fbx ….. loaded into teamcenter visualisation.  We need teamcenter visualisation main for collaboration between different JT files we create out Solid Edge. This means every time we must import other files in Solid Edge but this need so much time because converting from surface modeler (ex. Sat) to a solid modeler (ex. Part/asm) and back to an surface modeler (ex. JT) is not an good practice. We find teamcenter visualisation is in kernel a very good program but 4 points are for us not up to date:

  1. use of import files only WRL and STL is not up to date. (Additional step and IFC) here is Tekla bimsight (Freeware) and Navis Works Simulate or Manage (Shareware) better. But in Tekla and in Navis is to measure a problem, if you need exactly results with coordinates.
  2. Rendering with the additional button bar “true shading”, here is the texture and the background texture only for little structure around a m², if you try to use it for bigger plants like more than 10 m² it looks terrible, okay keyshot in solid edge is an alternative but needs to much time for video clips and all files must be imported into solid edge, or you have to by keyshot. Here we have internal already change all textures and backgrounds. But this is not an standard now from teamcenter visualisation.
  3. The video tool is not up to date, with teamcenter visualisation are not given the codec for the new compression file formats in HD, UHD, 2K, 4K, DIVX and so on. For this it is to use the Movie Maker (freeware) from 2012 from Microsoft. But the support for Movie Maker is already running out of time.
  4. File Format import, this is the biggest point. It is near nothing. WRL is old and not up to date, STL is okay, but if you have an stl file you must scale and export it first to JT. Export to JT in teamcenter visualisation lost your done scaling, so you must use a other freeware to scale a stl file (like spin3d). Other import files are not possible (maybe 1-2 other yes) but not 20 like in Navis Works Simulate or Navis Works Manage. Take a look also to the freeware Tekla Bimsight there are more than 10 format files for import possible.

However, here are some examples from our work with teamcenter visualisation (test) please feel free to give us a feedback to your experience, or to your use of teamcenter visualisation.


Best Regard


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Re: Visualisation with Teamcenter (experience)


@Wolfgang_1 I saw you cross post this from the Keyshot thread. Which version of Visualization were you testing that allowed you do do this? 


We have the base version, which is great for viewing JTs but not much else! Even measuring is very poor.

Re: Visualisation with Teamcenter (experience)

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Hi Alex,
can you please send me a snapshot with all the button bars shown of your Teamcenter Visulaisation Version?
We have done this test with the pro Version. But I think it is also some Magic possible with the base Version.
Let me explain an example way.
1. A Basic JT file.
2. Use also Sketchup (has a big database for files and many cool add-ons for green and other)
3. Transfer as STL file from Sketchup
(4.1 use Mashlap for colours)
(4.2 save it as wrl file)
4.3. Import stl (wrl) into Teamcenter Visualsisation.
5. Move it to the point you need it in Teamcenter Visualsisation.

Best Regards