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Write access on replicas




We are in a situation where we have a partnership with another company and data is shared through Global Services multi-site. It's currently a one-way data exchange where we recieve Items and corresponding datasets into our Teamcenter environment.
There is now a need to release these items in our environment but of course this goes against the fundamental concept of replicas being write-protected in multi-site setup. We don't want to affect the master Item at the partner site but at the same time we want to set a status in our environment for these items once they have been imported.

Any ideas?


Re: Write access on replicas

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Replicas, by their nature, are read only AND can be deleted by any user. They are not the master. You can work with your partner on implementing a global workflow. Basically the partner initiates a workflow to release the data at the master site and includes approvers from your site. When the replicas are imported then they will be released.

Otherwise, you will need to take ownership, and put them through a workflow locally, then sync the data back to the partner for them to see the newly statused objects.

Either way its work.

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Re: Write access on replicas


Check these preferences:



Re: Write access on replicas


Thank you for your comments, much appreciated.


Yuri, those preferences look very promising. We will do some tests with these.


Thanks again.