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adding coordinate systems to .jt-parts in TCV


Dear community,


I would like to add coordinate systems in Teamcenter Visualization to individual .jt-parts in such a way, that in all .jt-product-files containing the respective part with the coordinate system, the cooridinate system of the part is available and I can select it.


If I add a coordinate system to a part in Siemens NX, it in so longer available in the exported .JT-Model. I need parts with individual coordinate systems.


Thank a lot in advance. I work together with Siemens CT in a research project.


Joachim Michniewicz


scientific assistant - TU Munich - Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management


Re: adding coordinate systems to .jt-parts in TCV

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Hi, The Coordinate System is generally stored in PMI Information in JT. Try turning the PMI Info ON and set your PMI Preferences to Show axis Planes" under Coordinate Systems. Hope this helps.