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change dataset open tool

Is it possible to change the tool selected to open the dataset if you have uploaded the dataset selecting a wrong tool?


Re: change dataset open tool


Re: change dataset open tool

Go to Edit > Options

Under Options select 'Dataset'

From 'Dataset Type' select the 'Dataset Type' and from 'Default Tool' list select the required tool.

Shown in the image as an example.



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Re: change dataset open tool

please have a look at the utility change_datasets.

Re: change dataset open tool

Ganesh, with that method I would change the open tool for the dataset that I have already uploaded or the default tool for future uploads?


Xtof, How can I find that utility?


Thank you both!



Re: change dataset open tool

If it's one or two datasets, the quickest way to resolve the situation is to re-create it.

If you're talking about a bulk of data, you should probably use the tool mentioned. It's command line tool. You'll find more information in the BMIDE doc and Utilities Reference doc. I would run it in a test environment first and take backups Smiley Happy


Changing the default tool as mentioned as alternative means it will affect all current and future datasets of this type. If I understood the question right, this is not the way to go.

Re: change dataset open tool

Thank you, as you said I think the better solution for my case would be to re-create the dataset. It is not so long but it is strange you can quickly change dataset opening tool.