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control list of relations listed in the paste special ... dialog

Siemens Pioneer Siemens Pioneer
Siemens Pioneer

Hallo together,


does anyboy know how to control the listed realation types in the paste special ... dialog?

The customer wants to control the relation type between the primary and the secondary object type.

Sure a preferences like

  • primary-type_secondary-type-I_default_relation=relation-type-I
  • primary-type_secondary-type-II_default_relation=relation-type-II

can be created.

But a user also can also relate

  • primary-type_secondary-type-II_default_relation=relation-type-I

This perference can not be created a second time.

The preference can be created like:

  • primary-type_secondary-type-II_default_relation=relation-type-I;relation-type-II

There is no effect. The system creates the first relation it finds.


The idea is to to provide the user the Edit --> paste special ... dialog, where only two relations are listed

  • relation-type-I
  • relation-type-II

But it seems there are all available relations of the selected object listed.

Condition definition in BMIDE at the GRM rules defining does not seem to affect the list.


I'm looking for a way to reduce the list of listed relations in the paste special ... dialog box for a user in a specific group/role. For all other users the paste special ...function is hidden, to prevent users from making mistakes.