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hot deploy connection Error in BMIDE




I am trying to deploy a Template from BMIDE to teamcenter.


Whenever I try a connection, I receive a message like " SOA Connection Error -->>some Server Datas<<-- No response received"


I am using the http protocol, my Port ist 80 not 7001. 7001 doesnt work and I have installed 4-tier BMIDE and 2-tier Teamcenter..

Can anyone say how I can verify my connection data? Is there a file where the data like port are stored?

Is anyone familiar with this kind of error?

I made sure that the Temcenter Server Manager is running. I have no idea what I could try next.





Re: hot deploy connection Error in BMIDE

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Solution Partner Esteemed Contributor
You can check if the web tier is running. 7001 is the default port for WebSphere and you'll see that in some of the defaults that Siemens throws in. Another that you might see (in other areas) is 8080 which is the default for JBoss. Using port 80 (default for HTTP) is fine. The important thing is that whatever you're using for the web tier (J2EE: Apache, JBoss, WebSphere or WebLogic; .NET: IIS) is running and configured for port 80.

Beware of hot deployments as you can get into serious trouble if you don't understand what is going on and how to fix it. Use cold deployments wherever possible.

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