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similar files after move_volume_files




Could someone help me, please ? I create a new volume Teamcenter then I use move_volume_files utility to move files from an old volume to this new one. I also use presorted list for this process. After the displacement, i found a strange thing. There are about hundred identical files in both volumes (depart volume and arrival volume). As i know about this move_volume_files utility, it moves files from one volume to another, does not copy them.

Next, to understand what happened, I used review_volumes utility in order to know which files are referenced by Teamcenter. The result is all of them is referenced by Teamcenter.


Could you tell me if i am right ? Could you give me an explanation ?


Thank you for all your answers,


Re: similar files after move_volume_files

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Solution Partner Honored Contributor
It sounds like you haven't converted SAF from Dispatcher mode to Batch mode yet. In Dispatcher mode, move volumes first copies the files then submits a ticket to remove the old files. If you don't have Dispatcher translator running then the old files are not removed. To put move volumes in Batch mode, run this once...
move_volume_files -u=infodba -p=infodba -g=dba -migrate_to_batch_saf

After the util completes updating the objects then you can run the following...

1. Get a sorted list
%TC_BIN%\process_move_volume_files.bat -f=list -srcvol=<old vol name> -destvol=<new vol name>

2. Process the list
%TC_BIN%\process_move_volume_files.bat -f=move -srcvol=<old vol name> -destvol=<new vol name> -presorted_file=move_tcfiles_list.txt

I've added these to a script and run the script nightly as a scheduled task.

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