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5-Axis Chamfer Milling Technique

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The requirement is to mill a chamfer around the four cavities using 5 -Axis machining with a chamfer mill. This part is used as an example, but the technique illustrated may be used in similar situations.


5-Axis Chamfer Milling Technique


Created with NX 8.5



1. Construction:  the design part is a child of the parent manufacturing part.

-Our construction will take place in the manufacturing part and will not affect the design part. Wave link the top face to the parent part

Wave Link Top Face.png 


2. Hide the body, to just show the construction face.

3. Offset surface:- offset by an amount greater than the depth of the chamfer – to ensure that the tool tip machines below the depth of the chamfer ( We have used 2 mm in this  case)

Offset Surface


4. Use ‘Law Extension’ to extend the edges of one of the openings by the same value as the above offset. (This assumes a 45 degree chamfer)

Law Extension


5. In Manufacturing, we can now create a COUNTOUR PROFILE operation – using the constructed surface as the part, and the inside edge for the path:

( We can pick any number of edges if there are separate openings. In this case, the four openings are similar, so we can use ‘instance toolpath’ )

-Select the constructed surface as the part

-Select drive method = ‘Curve/Point’ , and select the inside edge of the constructed surface

-Select Tool Axis = ‘Normal to Part’

Contour Profile Dialog 


Contour Profile


6. Generate and verify the toolpath:

7.– Note that the chamfer tool cuts just below the chamfer with a 5-Axis motion:

Verify Tool Path


8. As the remaining cutouts are similar, we can create instances of the operation:

( The construction geometry can now be hidden)


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About the Author



Steve Webb is a Senior Application Engineer in the Siemens PLM Software GTAC EMEA Team, specialising in NX CAM. He is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and has been in the PLM industry for 30 years. Steve lives in Cambridge UK with his family.


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