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CSE Video Series: Using Offsets in CSE Machine Tool Simulation

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The following video training series explores the details of setting offsets in the Common Simulation Engine (CSE) machine tool simulation software.


Basic knowledge and understanding of NX CAM, NC Code and the CSE is required.


If you are a beginner with the Common Simulation Engine, it is recommended to start with the introductory training videos found here:

Understanding Machine Tool Simulation Concepts


NOTE: It will take almost a minute before all of the content on this page is displayed and you can scroll down. Please be patient while the previews for all 14 videos are loaded.


Created with NX 10.0.3



Contents: This 14-video series is broken down into 4 sections, as described below.  It is helpful to go through them in order at first, but having several chapters makes it easier to return to the material for reinforcement.


Section 0: Introduction and file preparation

Section 1: Linear and rotary work offsets

Section 2: Tool offsets

Section 3: Rotary machine offsets


Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain an understanding of linear and rotary offsets.
  2. Become familiar with CSE commands and functions dealing with vectors, matrices, and transformations
  3. Learn how the CYCLE800, PLANE SPATIAL, and G68.x works in the simulation of Fanuc controllers
  4. Re-use the existing methods in the controller .ccf files for functions such as tool length correction and swiveling.


Demo File Preparation: Save the attached sim09_mill_5ax.7z file (found at the bottom of the article) locally and follow the instructions in the 0.3 Demo file preparation video (3rd, below) for installation. 


The provided sim09 sample machine found in the zip file is modeified and should be used for this video series.


If you want to concentrate on the videos without coding, there is an MCF file (sim09_mill_5ax_sinumerik_tobe.MCF) with all shown modifications inside. This file is located in the samples folder.


Training Video Series for CSE Offsets in Machine Tool Simulation


Chapter 0.1: Introduction and overview (1:02)

(view in My Videos)



Chapter 0.2: Theory (2:36)

(view in My Videos)



Chapter 0.3: Demo file preparation (2:40)

(view in My Videos)



Chapter 1.1: Set linear offset to a transformation using the DisplaceOrigin command (5:59)

(view in My Videos)



Chapter 1.2: Set linear offset to a transformation using the SetTrafoMatrix command (5:08)

(view in My Videos)



Chapter 1.3: Set rotary offset to a transformation using the SetTrafoByFrame command (5:12)

(view in My Videos)



Chapter 1.4: Set rotary offset to a transformation using the CalculateRotMatrix command (6:26)

(view in My Videos)



Chapter 1.5: Set rotary offset to a transformation using the SetRotation command (3:04)

(view in My Videos)



Chapter 2.0: Tool offset introduction (1:03)

(view in My Videos)



Chapter 2.1: Set tool offset to transformation using the DisplaceOrigin command (3:39)

(view in My Videos)



Chapter 2.2: Combine tool offset with work offset using $TOOL and TRANS (3:10)

(view in My Videos)



Chapter 2.3: Combine tool offset with rotated work offset using $TOOL, ROT, and TRANS (7:32)

(view in My Videos)



Chapter 3.1: Calculate rotated B head offset using CalculateIKSLinears function (9:10)

(view in My Videos)



Chapter 3.2: Calculate rotary axis values based on a programmed angle using CalculateIKSAngles function (17:34)

(view in My Videos)


Derek Hart
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How to download this training video ?

thank you


where is Chapter 3.2?

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Valued Contributor

Missing Chapter 3.2 video....

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Sorry for the late response... Chapter 3.2 is now available


can you introduce 'load offset' command?there is nothing on the help document,thank you!Smiley Happy