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Connect your native NX to managed DNC on shop floor

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Community Manager

DNC Connect for NX



If you don't have Teamcenter, you can still send your CAM data to the managed DNC system, using DNC Connect for NX.


Live Event

Attend this webinar event on June 7, at 12:00 EDT. Ralf Stetter will be our presenter and show us how DNC Connect is used for native NX installations.  This event will be hosted as a Google Hangout On Air, so you can view the webinar right here in the Knowledge Base, or open it in YouTube. You can ask questions ahead of time, and we'll do our best to answer them on air. 




See what NC data can be saved and transferred to the managed database for use in the shop floor DNC system. Once your data is available to the shop floor, you get the benefits of managed work packages.

Derek Hart
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PLM World Member Builder PLM World Member Builder
PLM World Member Builder

The live event stream quality was very poor and i missed most of the demo, do you plan to republish the video?

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
Sorry to hear it wasn't a good viewing experience for you. Yes, we'll publish the tech tip, even if we have to re-record it for clarity.

I'm interested to hear how this Google platform worked across our audience. Does anyone else have feedback on the webinar session? We like the idea that it can be embedded right into the KB article and that it streams right to a YouTube video. But if the video and audio are not good enough, we'll have to find another way.

PLM World Member Builder PLM World Member Builder
PLM World Member Builder

To add to my original comment, I did try and re-watch the video immediately after the event and found that it recorded all of problems exactly as it appered to me during  the live stream. I'm viewing from the UK, my question is, did it appear like this for everyone or was it better for other regions faster bandwidth?