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Customize Your Machine Tool Simulation - Advanced (30 videos)

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The following advanced training video series is for manufacturers wanting to fully customize their NX CAM Machine Tool Simulation. It focuses on the the NX Machine Configurator application, and does not directly deal with post processors, nor with CAM. Customization requires a solid expertise and understanding of machine tools and controllers as a starting point.


This video series introduces the concept of the Common Simulation Engine (CSE), and provides details on using the Machine Configurator to create and modify Machine Configuration Files (MCFs) which represent the machine specific features of the CSE driver.


NOTE: It will take almost a minute before all of the content on this page is displayed and you can scroll down. Please be patient while the previews for all 30 videos are loaded.


Created with NX 7.5



The advanced training video series is broken down into 30 brief chapters, as described below. It is helpful to go through them in order at first, but having several chapters makes it easier to return to the material for reinforcement.


Objective: Gain a deep understanding in using “Machine Configurator” application to create and handle Machine Configuration Files MCF and Controller Configuration Files CCF. The session will enable you to create any detail function to customize the CSE controller. After this training you will be able to set up NX CAM CSE for the machine simulation of complex machine tools.


Target Audience: This course is for people who are involved in creating and customizing CSE drivers on a daily basis.


Pre-requisites: The NX CAM Simulation basic training is required before starting this course. Furthermore it is strongly recommended to understand the concepts of a machine tools and numerical controls.



Machine Tool Simulation Customization - Advanced Training Video Series


Chapter 1: Machine Configurator Overview - Understanding the concepts of the Machine Configurator application



(view in My Videos)



Chapter 2: Create MCF from scratch - Your first steps creating an MCF file from scratch


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 3: Axis and Channel configuration for Siemens 840D - Understanding axis and channel configurations


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 4: How CSE processes NC-Programs - Understanding the CSE architecture and the work flow when an NC program is simulated with CSE


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 5: First NC-Codes rapid move G0 X - Add and create meta codes for rapid motions like G0


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 6: Feedrate move G1 X F - Add and create meta codes for cutting feed rate movements like G1 X F


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 7: Incremental mode - Understanding global and incremental modes


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 8: Reusing things using methods - Understanding the method concept and its benefits


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 9: Control structures and controller variables - Understanding control statements and variables. Roles of the parser vs. interpreter


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 10: Toolchange T M6 - Understanding tool changes in detail.


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 11: Toolchange T M6 - different controllers - Understanding the tool change concepts for different controller types like Sinumerik, Fanuc or TNC


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 12: Subprogram handling - Understanding how subprograms are handled within CSE


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 13: Tool length compensation - Understanding the concept of the tool length compensation


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 14: Zero offset G54 - first version - Understanding the concept and handling of offsets like G54. This is the overview section, details in the following sections.


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 15: Tool radius compensation - Understanding the concept of the tool radius compensation


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 16: LoadOffset to use Geometry view MCS - Understanding offsets in conjunction with the geometry view of the ONT in NX CAM. Using the LoadOffset function.


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 17: Zero offset G53 - Understanding the concept of zero offsets.


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 18: Local offsets TRANS, ATRANS - Learn more about transformations and local offsets like TRAN or ATRANS.


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 19: Local Offsets ROT, AROT - Learn more about transformations and local offsets like ROT and AROT


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 20: Overview Siemens FRAME concept - Understanding the transformation concept of Sinumerik FRAME objects


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 21: Spindle modes - Understand how different spindle modes and speeds are handled.


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 22: Overview Variable types - Understanding the concept of Variables


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 23: Output messages - Understanding how to output messages and work with debug functions.


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 24: Variables and Variable Methods - Understanding more about variables, special types of variable methods and variable listener


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 25: 5-axis transformation - Understanding the concept and handling of 5-axis transformation like TRAORI, G43.4 or M128


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 26: Non-linear transformations e.g. polar mode - Cover the non-linear transformation concept on the examples TRANSMIT/Polar mode


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 27: Motion planning and interpolation, accuracy of motions and time calculation - Understanding the details of motion planning. How kinematics information about acceleration and deceleration is covered. How accurate is the Simulation?


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 28: Creating documentation with Machine Configurator - Understanding the capability of Machine Configurator to create documentation


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 29: Using CCF-Files as libraries - Understanding the concept of MCF and CCF handling as libraries


(view in My Videos)



Chapter 30: Machine Configurator security concept - Understanding the capability of Machine Configurator protecting your data and how to use built-in security concepts.


(view in My Videos)


Derek Hart
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Solution Partner Phenom

Very useful materials.

But - one question. I try to simulate G-code for millturn NC machine, and I want to see 3D material removing. Not worked for turning, for milling only.. 


@pfoley This area is for questions about these videos from 2013.


For specific questions like this, I would go to the Manufacturing Discussion Forum.

I moved your comment there as a new topic.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Chapter 25 - 5-Axis Transformation references M128 for Heidenhain in the title but no mention of how to implement in the video or the documentation.


Can you provide details of how to setup M128?


Thank you for your time.


Thanks for the videos but the first one is unavailable, please can you fix this ?




 The first video is not available..can anyone kindly help?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

waiting for chapter 1 video..

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

Just checked it here, the video for chapter 1 seems to be available. If the problem persists on your side, can you please send a screenshot what happens on your computer?

Best regards.

Claus Michelfeit