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Easily output the name of the postprocessor file into shop documentation

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Editing the postprocessor using the new command MOM_set_attribute allows the program or operation attributes to be automatically added when the operation is postprocessed. Shop Docs can then output the name of the postprocessor output file (PROGRAM.ptp file) by customizing the shop doc template.


Adding CAM attributes for shop documentation in the post.gif


Created with NX CAM 9



The new functionality in this project is the ability to edit the postprocessor using MOM_set_attribute so that the object attributes are automatically created in the part file when the operation or program is postprocessed.


To use this self-demo, save the attached files locally and follow the instructions in the pdf document.


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If possible Could you please share more infomation for customise shop doc for excel format.

Mostly customer would like to custom report each company.

If you can share how to link $mom.... in excel to NX CAM infomation .

That is will much more better .

Or If you have VDO how to custom shopdoc as easy please let us know.

Thank you a lot.


 how to define maximum range depth in shop doc.


Can you only use this command to write attributes to the operation object?  I tried writing an attribute to the Tool object but got an error.




Just following up here - This command is for operations and program groups only.

This was answered in the discussion forum when it was asked there:



When using the MOM_set_attribute command can you specify the attribute Category?





Sir I want that my file name after postprocess should be default as program name , how can I do it