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Eliminate errors with better work instructions

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NX CAM Work Instruction Authoring is integrated into the operation navigator of NX CAM software, unifying the machine instructions (CNC program) with human instructions. This allows the CNC programmer to focus on each operation as it is defined and to specify required work instructions while the information is fresh.



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(If you have problems with the embedded player, you can download the attached .mp4 file.)


Created with NX 10.0.3



The creation of computer numerical control (CNC) work instructions is generally a manual process that can take as much time as the creation of the CNC program itself. NX Work Instruction Authoring brings this process inside NX™ software so that work instructions can be developed alongside the CNC program. Like CNC programs, these instructions are associative to the design models, significantly reducing the time needed to create and update them. Configurable templates are used to define the required data and display work instruction sheets.


This Tech Tip will go through a brief example and show:

  • Creation of Work Instruction operations, which are separate items in the operation navigator
  • Creation of work instructions as part of other operations in the setup
  • Unique view capture is remembered for each instruction step in order to best illustrate each step
  • Drawings can be included
  • Tool lists and operation lists are easily created for any program group
  • Tool paths are visualized for each operation instruction
  • Complete work instructions are published with just a click
  • Work instructions are associative and updated easily


About the Presenters


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Steve Scigliano is a Product manager in the Manufacturing Engineering Solutions group at Siemens PLM. He is one of the original founders of Valysis, and has been working with CMM programming software for 26 years. He is on the Board of Directors for the DMIS standards committee, and knows not only the software but the overall quality industry as an in-depth expert.


Holder.jpg Derek has been focused on PLM CAM software, in one way or another, since 1992, which sounds like a very long time. He's written posts, done implementation and training, served as a product manager, and as a marketer. It has all been fun - he's met a lot of interesting people and seen a lot of interesting machine shops.
Derek Hart
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Community Manager

I fixed the note below the video to indicate this is shown in NX 10.0.3.  Sorry for the confusion.


NX 10.0.3 can't come out soon enough. Very excited for this. As a small shop this sould really help our setup documentation.


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Solution Partner Phenom
Now that NX10.0.3 is out are there any licensing requirements to use it? What's New for 10.0.3 mentions you need a Work Instructions license and I see there is the module NX Work Instruction Authoring [NX30442] available. Is this functin integrated into any of the exisiting CAM bundles or does it need to be added on in all cases with NX30442?

hi everyone, is it somehow possible to use mom_ variables from standard & custom UDEs, by customizing the Excel & html files? I've made some customizations but failed to use UDE mom variables.