This question was asked during the live webcast:
Q: One slide showed that we need the FBM_author license. Are there any other FBM licenses needed?

There are 2 licenses in use:
  1. The user needs the Feature Based Automation (holemaking) license in order to apply the operations to the features in the feature navigator. This license is included in all of the current CAM products that include either 2 axis milling or turning.
  2. The feature and process administrator(s) that will teach features and teach processes and make edits in the Machining Knowledge Editor (MKE) will need the Feature Based Machining Author (fbm_author) license. This is available as an add-on product:

NX30435 – NX Feature Based Machining Author Add-on
It is also included in:
NX13430 – NX Mach 3 Total Machining