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How to add right-angle heads to machines for simulation in NX CAM

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Learn how to use "devices" as part of a machine tool definition in order to specify optional components such as right-angle heads for your machine simulation.


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Created with NX 9.0



The example machines delivered with the NX CAM software now include devices as part of the machine definitions. See how these devices can be used to specify optional right-angle heads for your machine simulations. Learn:

  • What are devices and how do they participate in the machine hierarchy
  • How to include right angle devices as part of your programming
  • How to add devices to your device library


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About the Presenter


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Yery Camacho began his career as a CAM programmer in 1977. He has worked as a product manager for NX CAM in the areas of machine tool verification, simulation, and complex machining. He is currently the business lead for the Complex Manufacturing organization at Siemens PLM Software.



Derek Hart
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PLM World Member Builder

For some reason i can't see a link to the Tech tip replay?

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Community Manager

The video should be the first thing you see on this post, and it should start playing when you click it.  It is working for me.


I just can't seem to get the hang of this...  Do you have some step by step instructions for the idiot here?  I mean describing exactly what steps when creating the device, mounting, etc..  I am deffinitely missing something..  Embarrassing...

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Community Manager

@tchoate: No worries - this Tech Tip is bit more advanced for machine builder.  Take a look at the video series: "Customize Your Machine Tool Simulation - Basic (6 videos)" for a much more detailed blow-by-blow of how to get started with Machine Tool Builder.


This should fill in the gaps, I think. You can follow that up with even more Machine Simulation Tech Tips and articles by clicking the Machine Tool Simulation category on the front page's Tech Tip index.


Unfortunately, some companies block videos (i.e. throw out the baby with the bath water).


Can you make a video of a complete setup how to do instead of telling what you have done, what must be done in the various processes
How to setup angel head step bye step in all processes 


Hello ! what format are the videos in ?