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How to create a component for your CAM Reuse Library

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius


Learn how to create knowledge-enabled components for your NX CAM Reuse Library.


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Tech Tip by Michael Mannino, Siemens PLM Software



  • Create a knowledge-enabled spreadsheet-driven component so it can be easily manipulated by a dialog
  • Save the file so it can be accessed in the NX Reuse Library
  • Introduction to more sophisticated expressions for driving component parameters


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Aaron Frankel (Community Manager)

When creating components for the reuse library can they be assemblies?  I have made a milling vise assembly, using expressions to control clamp distance, jaw size, etc.  It seems to work great after I define it as a reusable component, until I restart NX.  After restarting when I try to bring it in NX starts searching for something.  I'm not sure what it's looking for I just see it endlessly searching for something in the status bar.  Other components that I have made which are not assemblies don't have this problem.