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How to create and manage a customized NX environment for your team

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NX CAM can be extensively customized.  Previous Tech Tips have shown how to customize the application for your own use. This Tech Tip shows how to coordinate and distrubute a customized environment for NX CAM users.


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Created with NX 8.5



Learn how to manage a customized NX environment for yourself, your group, or even your entire site:

  • custom libraries
  • multiple NX customizations, as needed
  • for native NX or NX managed by Teamcenter


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About the Author


Holder.jpg Rob Cohon has over three decades of manufacturing PLM experience. He started in the Aerospace industry, and has used some of the world’s largest and fastest super computers. As part of the Americas channel support team, he is helping Siemens customers design and manufacture products faster, better and cheaper.


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Please provide a link for .ZIP file download, i wouldn't find the file 


For current information on NXCustom releases, we maintain a permanent post in the Customization forum here

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