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Instructions & training resources to customize NX CAM’s Machine Tool Simulation

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Customizing NX CAM Machine Tool Simulation ranges from simple changes to the supplied machine models all the way to fully customized machine configurations. This Tech Tip describes a library of training materials that help beginners and experienced users take their simulations to the next level.




Three video training series have been developed to show how to make customizations to the NX Machine Tool Simulation software. These are organized for beginners and experts:

  1. Understanding Machine Tool Simulation Concepts
  2. Customize Your Machine Tool Simulation - Basic
  3. Customize Your Machine Tool Simulation - Advanced

These video series are posted as Tech Tips right here in the NX Manufacturing Forum, for your convenience!


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About the Presenter

Thomas Schulz has been working with machine simulation software since 1995. He is currently the development manager in the MTE group, focused on NX CAM Machine Simulation and the Common Simulation Engine. He is located in Berlin, Germany.

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