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MRL - Using Boring & other adjustable tools in the Manufacturing Resource Library

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Siemens Theorist


This guideline demonstrates possible procedures for the data management system Teamcenter (TC) and the NX CAD/CAM system to better support adjustable boring tools. These modular tools offer the ability to change their cutting diameter after being assembled. This functionality should be supported by the 3D models of these tools in NX and should be controllable by changing relevant attribute values of the TC Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL).




For each classified tool from the MRL there are two 3D models in NX:

  • The detailed 3D model (mostly provided by the tool manufacturer), which consists of the 3D data of the assembled components and is used for the simulation of material removal and collision control.
  • The parametric model, which NX CAM software generates from MRL attribute values and is used to calculate the tool path.

After changing the tool diameter value in TC Resource Manager (RM), the two 3D models in NX should automatically adjust to the new value. The individual steps to enable such functionality are explained in this guideline.


By default, only the diameter of the parametric model will be transferred to NX. The diameter of the detailed model will not change with it. The two models, when loaded from TC RM into the NX CAM session, would appear as shown below:




After implementing the changes according to the guideline, the Cutting Diameter of the Detailed and Parametric Model will be synchronized automatically:




Hands-on Demo

Save the attached part file to your local driver and follow the instructions in the PDF document.


Video accompanying the Guideline


Part 1 - Write and configure NX part attributes in TC

(view in My Videos)


Part 2 - Modify the assembly 

(view in My Videos)


00:00 - Modify the assembly

02:00 - Modify the part file of the adjustable unit

05:25 - Activate displacement

06:00 - Link feature with part attributes via expressions

09:00 - Testing the adjustable diameter


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