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Manufacturing Resource Library: How to connect it to native NX

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One of the first things that NC Shops want to manage robustly is their cutting tool library. This Tech Tip introduces the Manufacturing Resource Library Connect for NX, which lets native NX CAM users access the rich tooling library of the MRL as they create CNC programs.


(view in My Videos)


Created with NX 8.5



Learn how to use the latest connectivity options to provide the rich tooling catalogs of the Manufacturing Resource Library to your native NX CAM users:

  • Keep CAM users in the NX CAM application
  • Connect to the MRL to browse and select tools
  • Bring complete solid models of tooling into NX for verification and simulation


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About the Presenter


Corsin Corsin Buerer is a specialist in our Manufacturing Business Group.  He is an expert in the areas of CAM data and resource management, work packages, and the use of work packages in the shop floor environment.  Corsin resides in Zurich, Switzerland.


Derek Hart
... if we're not having fun, we're not doing it right!

thank you very much.

Hi! The interesting theme, but I can't see any videos there Smiley Sad
Solution Partner Experimenter Solution Partner Experimenter
Solution Partner Experimenter

Thanks for a great demo! I have a couple of questions regarding MRL Connect for NX.


In this demo they retrieve a tool assembly from the MRL, is it also possible to retrieve just the components? Like to just retrieve the twist drill and then to retrive the holder, like a collet chuck holder, separately?


Is it also possible to combine a parametric defined tool with a component from the MRL? Like a parametric defined drill with a holder from the MRL?




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Community Manager

Hi Henrik_J,


Thanks for your question. I think the answer is essentially "no," although it is a bit more nuanced than that.  I'll let Corsin give the more detailed reply...


Corsin answers:

Intent is that the “tool author” uses MRL (Resource Manager application) to build the entire tool assembly and stores it into the library. The NC programmer using NX CAM will then retrieve the tool assembly from the library. Obviously, tool author and NC programmer can be the same person.


As NX CAM uses the parametric definition to calculate tool path, in theory it is possible e.g. retrieve only cutting tool parameters from MRL and define tool holder data in NX tool dialog.

We would strongly advise against to follow such use cases. Choosing MRL means choosing to manage your tool data properly. To cut your parts on the machine means that you need to provide tool assemblies to the shop floor. Every tool assembly should have its unique identifier (tool assembly number)no matter if it is currently available (preassembled) in your machine shop or not, has to be assembled.


The goal of a tool management system is to reduce tool costs.  In order to achieve this goal one of the main driver is to reduce the total number of available tools. Therefore you should build a set of standard tool assemblies to be used. There will always be need for exceptions but those should be kept to a minimum and can be decided case by case.