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NX 9.0.3 CMM Programming - update summary

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NX CMM Programming includes important updates for version 9.0.3, including more informative object names, new datum definitions, and new feature definition methods.



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Created with NX 9.0.3, MP7



Steve Scigliano goes through the CMM Programming updates in NX 9.0.3, MP 7.  Updates include:


New naming defaults

  • more informative names

New view selection method

  • fit view to selection

New datum definitions

  • compound datums
  • direct datums

New feature definition methods

  • feature nominal dimensions inherited from PMI
  • sheet metal features provided as circles for short cylinders
  • multi-curve features for scan measurements
  • disconnected curve features


About the Presenter


 Steve Scigliano83x100.jpg

Steve Scigliano is a Product manager in the Manufacturing Engineering Solutions group at Siemens PLM. He is one of the original founders of Valysis, and has been working with CMM programming software for 26 years. He is on the Board of Directors for the DMIS standards committee, and knows not only the software but the overall quality industry as an in-depth expert.

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