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Nest flat patterns for efficient material usage with SigmaNest

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Learn how to nest parts for maximum material utilization using SigmaNest software from SigmaTEK Systems. SigmaTEK is a Siemens PLM Partner and provides solutions for nesting as well as specialized flat-work cutting with lasers, plasma, routers, and more. See how nesting can be part of your solution..


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Created with NX 8.5 and NX 9.0



NX and Solid Edge include very powerful sheet metal design capabilities and figure as an important part of the engineering solution for sheet metal fabricators. Nesting and fabrication applications are also important for these manufacturers. SigmaTEK Systems is a highly rated provider of nesting and fabrication software that makes sure to utilize the NX and Solid Edge sheet metal data to the fullest and easily uses that data in their Sigma Nest software. In this Tech Tip, see NX assemblies quickly organized in layouts and made ready for the fabrication shop.


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About the Presenter


Jim Lindsey

As Product Manager at SigmaTEK Systems James Lindsey is responsible for the advancement of current and next generation CAD/CAM nesting, fabrication, and material/process optimization products. Mr. Lindsey has 30 years of industry experience and is a frequent presenter at national and international shows and conferences.



Derek Hart
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This article is very helpful to me.

But movie file is too small to see.

If possible, can you send me movie file?

If so, I can get big help to my suggestion to customer.



You should be able to expand the movie to full screen using the double arrow button in the lower right.

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