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Post Configurator training presentation

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The new Post Configurator is being delivered starting with NX10.0.1.  Similar in concept to Post Builder, it is integrated in NX rather than being a separate executable.  Its architecture also allows for some layering of knowlege in base, controller, and customer layers. This will make your posts more re-useable and shorten the time needed to create an additional post.

This tech tip article shares some in-person training materials on this new post creation tool, to help get you familiar with its similarities and differences from Post Builder. All of the files referenced are included in a ZIP (.7z) file attached to this article. Thanks to Florian Weisse for sharing these materials!



In late November of 2016 SPLM gave a 3 days training to enable advanced NX CAM users in using the new post processor creation tool “Post Configurator”. Goal of this training is to teach the basics and philosophy and to give an outlook about what is to come for Post Configurator. It aimed to train new as well as experienced post developers in how to create a new post processor, to have a look into what options the integrated libraries offer through the user interface 


We understand that this article cannot replace a full in-person training session, but still we hope these materials and files offer some helpful insights into the new Post Configurator and to give some background information on how to get started with it.


The included ZIP file has files in the following follders:



There are 9 presentation files in the ZIP file, in PDF format. These were shown throughout the 3 day training and cover everything that was explained in the sessions. They should:

  • give insights into the reasoning behind Post Configurator
  • show how to create the first post processor
  • show how to change simple settings
  • show how to do in-depth experts Tcl-based modifications to your post processor

Step-by-step these presentations cover the full spectrum from easy UI changes to the usage of custom UDEs. At the end of the sequence we are giving an outlook on the new support for multi-chain and multi-function machines and the new support for the Okuma controller.



The included .TCL files are the code snippets used and developed throughout the training. Providing them for you here should minimize typing errors and help more easily show complex code examples.



This folder contains the latest library update and can be used in NX11.0 to have an early look into the new controller and to benefit of bug fixes and improvements of the underlying post libraries before NX11.0.1 releases. Please copy the files in the archive into the UGII directory of your NX 11.0 installation and replace existing files.


As with any pre-release code, you MUST backup your orginals: “MACH\post_configurator” and “MACH\resource\post_configurator” before doing so.  



These PDF files are hard copies of the pre-release NX11.0.1 documentation for Post Configurator, including the latest changes. Unfortunately, the PDF conversion from xml was not perfect and some parts of the output is cut off. The online help for NX11.0.1 will not have this problem. At least it gives an idea of the documentation to come. Both the available options of the different controllers as well as a documentation of all available commands of Post Configurator can be found in here.



If you would like to get further information on Post Configurator or this material, please feel free to reach out to:


Florian Weisse

Product Manager


Tel.:+49 30 467775 52



Without the in-person instructor, the benefit of this material is limited and everything is provided as it is. Some portions of the training refer to un-released and preview software, with the intent to give post developers a view of the expected future capabilities. As always, pre-released features are not to be used in a production environment, and are not supported


With all of that said, we hope these materials are helpful!

Derek Hart
... if we're not having fun, we're not doing it right!

Thank you. We'll have a look and hopefully start learning new tricks.


Any heads up regarding conversion of existing PB custom command code to PC would be much appreciated in the near future. I.e. easy ways to do so or plans on making export scripts of any sort, etc.




Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Hi CWilson, 


we are looking into it this matter. But as Post Configurator has a different concept for Custom Commands we need to think about, how it would make sense to reuse them.


I will keep you updated when something comes around. 







Download link not working for the attached

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Hello pudisad, 


I just double checked the download link, and it works for me - could you please double check? If this is still not working, could you please send me a PM with your email address and I can send it you directly.