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Quickly add new feature definitions for feature-based machining

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Feature based automation is a powerful time saver that recognizes standard geometry and automatically applies pre-determined machining processes. It becomes even more powerful when you can specify your shop’s custom specific features and processes. Learn how to use Feature Teacher to specify a new custom feature.


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Created with NX 9.0



The feature recognition system is very flexible and provides opportunities for you to add your own custom features into the feature libraries. The easy way to do this is to use the feature teaching capability to identify a geometric topology that represents a new feature.


Better still, the feature teacher will recognize key dimensions and cutting areas as identified by PMI content in the teaching selection. So whatever information is needed to correctly determine the correct cutting approach is automatically discovered when features are recognized for cutting!


In this Tech Tip, Tom takes us through a sequence of using the feature teaching method to first identify the new feature's topology, then continues to add info to his teaching feature to make the process more intelligent.


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About the Presenter


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Tom Van't Erve is the product development director for our Prismatic Parts industry segment. Tom is located in the Netherlands.

Derek Hart
... if we're not having fun, we're not doing it right!

I cant see an option to see this video, Can you please update me with that link to see this video ?

Solution Partner Valued Contributor Solution Partner Valued Contributor
Solution Partner Valued Contributor

Can you share the parts and the xlm files, please?


If you prefer my email contact is

Solution Partner Valued Contributor Solution Partner Valued Contributor
Solution Partner Valued Contributor

Do you have other tech tip of the machining knowledge editor?

I need to know how to create new libraries, for example, link a feature to a particular tool size?

Or depending on the size of the feature, you can configure different tool sizes for different cavity sizes


Thanks in advance

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