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Quickly build an associative set of fixtures using Part Modules in NX CAM

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NX provides extensive tools for creating associative manufacturing models that respond easily to changes, including in-process models and fixtures. This Tech Tip explains how to use Part Modules in NX to accomplish this.


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Created with NX 9.0



Learn how to get started with Part Modules, and how to use this powerfully productive design tool in the CAM environment. A single NX part file can manage several derivative geometry items in one place, for example:

  • In-process models can be built from the final part geometry
  • Fixtures can be built based on the geometry of the workpiece
  • Several NC Setups can be programmed in one part file
  • Other part variants can be developed this way, too

Note that there is a Tech Tip that describes a way to do these things using Assembly modeling tools, which is similar in concept but different in execution. You can review that Tech Tip here:



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About the Presenter



Bryan's background includes Industry experience as a machinist, tool maker, CNC programmer, and eventually channel sales as a reseller. He has been one of our CAM subject matter experts assisting our sales teams and is essentially our. “watchdog” on all things CAM. Bryan represents some 30 years in the CAD\CAM software industry.

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Man, that was way to fast I had to rewind several times Smiley Happy

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@Ray_CAM: Bryan doesn't mess around, does he?  There's a lot in that brain that wants to come out :-)

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