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Sequential Milling video series - Using sequential milling for general 5 axis milling

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Community Manager

The following video training series shows how to use the Sequential Milling operations in NX CAM.

Sequential milling is a strategy for multi-axis milling that goes all the way back to the origins of CAD/CAM software and is still used in certain aerospace applications. We don't talk about it very often any more, because it feels a bit old fashioned and the motion instructions don't depend on any of the solid model intelligence that we've come to expect. But it remains a flexible and powerful programming strategy, even if it is a bit more manual than the more modern operation types.

Basic knowledge and understanding of NX CAM is helpful before reviewing this material.

Created with NX 10.0.3


This 6-video series is organized as described below. It is helpful to go through them in order at first, but having several chapters makes it easier to return to the material for reinforcement.


  1. Introduction and overview
  2. Drive/Check tangency
  3. Drive/Check and Part/Check tangency
  4. Loop control for multiple passes
  5. Looping with secondary check surfaces
  6. Five axis milling


Learning Objectives:

Gain an understanding of the mechanics of using the Sequential Milling operation in NX CAM.
Learn how to use loop controls to cut multiple passes with Sequential Milling.
See how the Sequential Milling operation lends itself to 5 axis milling.

Video 1: Introduction and overview

(view in My Videos)

Video 2: Drive/Check tangency


(view in My Videos)

Video 3: Drive/Check and Part/Check tangency


(view in My Videos)

Video 4: Loop control for multiple passes


(view in My Videos)

Video 5: Looping with secondary check surfaces


(view in My Videos)

Video 6: Five axis milling


(view in My Videos)



About the Presenter


Jim Wright87x110.jpg

Jim Wright has over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, and over 25 years of experience in the CAD/CAM field.  He currently serves as Technical Business Development for Siemens PLM Mainstream Engineering CAM products.  Prior to his current role, he held stints as CNC Programmer, CAD/CAM Department Manager, CAD/CAM instructor, and Project Coordinator for Siemens PLM CAM software development.

Derek Hart
... if we're not having fun, we're not doing it right!

Certainly the best operation in Nx Smiley Happy (it is a personal opinion ) she can make everything ,point to point, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 axes and there is so much more , not delete her pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.



Hi Jim, Can you provide the model file for us to practice?


Hi Jim,

thanks for your video, it was realy great, but I was wondering if you can do an other sample, using curve in 3-axis machine, we do not have 5-axis license but I want to use 3-axis to do this and it does not work as supposed to, i think I am missing something on my check selections, if you want I can send my file you work on it and see what I did. here is my email:, Thanks Mostafa


Many Thanks, Jim! Hi from Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant that is in Russia! We use the 6th version of NX and nobody knows any information concerning such kind of operation. Anyway, I've found only limited and non-related videos on youtube before and due to you now I have enough cohesive knowledge to apply it in my work.


Very good, could you make a presentation

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