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Simple Slot Milling

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This article shows you how you can mill a simple slot feature, cutting down the middle of the slot, using a mixed pattern of climb and conventional without retracting between levels.




Created with NX 8



There are several ways to address slot cutting.  In this case we want to stay centered in the slot, and cut back and forth with no retracts.


1. Create a Planar_Profile Operation

2. You can either select one of the side edges or you can create a curve in the middle of the slot, using either Tool Position = "tanto" or = "on" in the curves/edges Mode dialog.




3. Specify Floor - In the sample part the slot is 8mm wide, and we use an 8mm end mill, so in this case we set the part stock to 0.000mm

4. Set your Common Cut Depth, in this case we use 2mm

5. Set the Cut Direction - In Cutting Parameters - Strategy tab, we set the Cut Direction to Mixed




6. Set Engage Type - In Non-cutting Moves - Engage tab, change the Open Area Engage Type to Linear with Height set to 0.000mm




7. Set Transfer Types - In Non-cutting Moves - Transfer/Rapids tab, change both the Between Regions Transfer Type and Within Region Transfer Type to Direct




8. Generate your operation


You will now have a path that cuts in the middle of the slot, and alternates between Climb/Conventional between levels without retracting to clearance


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About the Author


Community.jpg Lars Okkels is in the Manufacturing Business Group at Siemens PLM Software and focuses on part manufacturing solutions especially for Mold & Die. He has been in the industry for over 15 years and enjoys supporting NX users applying innovative manufacturing technology solutions. Lars is originally from Denmark and now resides in Shanghai, China, with his family.


Best regards

Lars Okkels
Siemens, MBG

Thank you for this example. However steps 1/2/3 are not clear. It is not possible to follow....




 @johng I am not sure what is not clear. To start step 1, go to Create Operation, set the type to mill_planar.

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