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Smooth out your high speed machine operations

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Effective machining requires a capable machine, good tool paths, and all the right post processor options. One of the symptoms of a mismatched approach is a machine that shakes and shudders as it tries to process a high speed tool path. This Tech Tip explains how to get these components working in harmony for the fastest, smoothest machine motion.


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Created with NX 9.0



Learn how to eliminate that stressful jerk (abrupt accel/decel) from your high speed machining programs. NX has several tool path options to generate smooth, high speed motion, but you need to make sure your output options and post processor are prepared to make good use of them. This Tech Tip will show:

  • How to program smooth stepovers and connections in NX CAM
  • How to make sure that output runs smoothly on your machine

Attached File

The "check_block_initial_move.tcl" file Michael references in this Tech Tip is included below as an "attached file." Note that the file is a .zip file for your downloading convenience.


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About the Presenter


Michael Hitchcock

Michael Hitchcock started with Siemens NX CAM applications back at Unigraphics version 4.  He has wide manufacturing experience in large aerospace companies and small machine shops.  He currently works in the Manufacturing Center of Excellence supporting sales and services activities for Siemens in the Americas.


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