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Streamline your machinery programming with custom templates

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The new “Floor and Wall” milling operation makes it easier than ever to machine prismatic parts.This flexible solids-based operation uses model faces to machine typical prismatic features such as surfaces, open and closed pockets, slots  and corner notches without the need to define boundaries. See how to pre-configure this flexible operation for specific scenarios with operation templates.


(view in My Videos)


Created with NX 9.0



NX has several options for customizing your CAM environment, including building your own template operations for common use cases. The Floor and Wall milling operation covers lots of different applications, and you might find it advantageous to tune your templates to best match your common use cases. The development team built several new templates for this operation, with the idea of covering some of the most likely use cases for this operation.


In this Tech Tip, Tom shows us the templates, and invites us to use them too!  Template files are attaced below.


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About the Presenter


Tom Vant Erve 71x95.jpg

Tom Van't Erve is the product development director for our Prismatic Parts industry segment. Tom is located in the Netherlands.

Derek Hart
... if we're not having fun, we're not doing it right!

Dear Sirs

Thanks for your presentation. Where is the tempelate files for download?


Best Regards



PLM World Member Builder PLM World Member Builder
PLM World Member Builder

How to I replay this Tech tip, I can never seem to find a link on the site?


Sorry Derek, i must be missing somthing which big picture



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Community Manager

@jamal: The file download is found right under the "About the presenter" section.  It is a "7z" zip file.

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Community Manager

@MrJSON: The replay is seen in this article - just click on the big graphic.  That is the video player and should play the Tech Tip replay for you.


I downloaded the file and changed the extension, but when I try to extract I keep getting an error message.

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

The extension is correct, since this is not a regular ZIP archive.

You need to use 7-zip from to extract the archive or any other application that supports the 7-zip format.

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