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Tilted work plane

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This is video 15 of 16 in a series about how to create and edit postprocessors with NX Post Builder.


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Tech Tip by Jim Wright, Siemens PLM Software



The NX Post Builder application is extremely flexible and powerful, and can provide useful benefits. This online Tech Tip series is intended as an overview of the post builder and postprocessing workflows in NX CAM.


Much of the content discussed in these videos is fairly advanced and while potentially valuable to everyone, it may be more useful to those of you with post processor experience. To get the most from this series, we suggest that you watch the videos in sequence. You can find the other videos in the Postprocessor section of this Tech Tip Knowledge Base.


Videos in this series:

  1. What is a postprocessor?
  2. Create and test a 3-axis postprocessor
  3. Modifying tool change and work offset output
  4. Changing G-codes in Post Builder
  5. Tool Command Language (TCL) - Part 1
  6. Tool Command Language (TCL) - Part 2
  7. Tool Command Language (TCL) - Part 3
  8. Tool Command Language (TCL) - Part 4: More on IF statement
  9. Tool Command Language (TCL) - Part 5: Source and Switch
  10. Using the Custom Command Library
  11. Create a lathe postprocessor
  12. Create a mill-turn postprocessor
  13. Create a 4-axis postprocessor
  14. Create a 5-axis postprocessor
  15. Tilted work plane
  16. User Defined Events


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Aaron Frankel (Community Manager)

I'm making a post for a Wotan Snorkelhead with a Siemens Controller.

The basic post is AB ht linked with AC hh

The Snorkelhead requires a -90 Deg angular offset for A axis and the plan for C switch to ZX

so the new linked posts will be AB ht and AC hh with C & B rotating around Y axis.

In fact C will be B Head and B in AB post is be B Table.

If I can get some support for the Kinematics I will very appreciate.

Thanks, Emil


I am using a modified version the sim05 Fanuc post from NX 9.0.3 and and getting code posted using a tilted work plane (G68) when performing a 3D profile operation.  This only happens when I simulate the machine code and this operation follows another operation, if I run it by itself it works correctly.


In a few blocks right after my tool change it spits out several incorrect blocks including ones with G43 (should always be G43.4) then a G49, and then a G69 right before the G68 X0 Y0 Z0 I0 J0 K0 R45.

Once it hits those IJK's I get a series of errors: getJointValue called with invalid argument, calculateIKSLinears called with invalid argument, assign command for variable LV_vecDispl couldn't be executed, unspecified error executing method GMe_G68CalculateLinears.


I did not set up a tilted work plane for this operation because it is not a planar operation, hence 3D profile; how can I prevent it from posting this code?  I can prevent it from ever posting a G68 and the simulation runs without any IJK errors but it still is giving me IJK's in the code and the wrong G43 and G49 codes and my machine crashes into the part.


Hi @AaronFrankel

Thanks for you videos. I have a question for you.why first MCS coordinate set to spindle center.when I post to value is mistake.

mcs  set spindle center then post

N1 G0 G53 Z0.
N2 T01 M6
N3 G54
N4 G68.2 X-1904.449 Y-653.041 Z-1631.99 I90. J90. K0.
N5 G53.1
N6 G17 G43 G0 G90 X40.688 Y33. Z13. S4000 H1 M3
N7 Z3.
N8 G1 Z0. F250.


mcs   at wprkpiece center then post 

N1 G0 G53 Z0.
N2 T01 M6
N3 G54
N4 G68.2 X58. Y0. Z-25. I90. J90. K0.
N5 G53.1
N6 G17 G43 G0 G90 X40.688 Y33. Z13. S4000 H1 M3
N7 Z3.