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Tool Command Language (TCL) - Part 5: Source and Switch

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This is video 9 of 16 in a series about how to create and edit postprocessors with NX Post Builder.


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Tech Tip by Jim Wright, Siemens PLM Software



The NX Post Builder application is extremely flexible and powerful, and can provide useful benefits. This online Tech Tip series is intended as an overview of the post builder and postprocessing workflows in NX CAM.


Much of the content discussed in these videos is fairly advanced and while potentially valuable to everyone, it may be more useful to those of you with post processor experience. To get the most from this series, we suggest that you watch the videos in sequence. You can find the other videos in the Postprocessor section of this Tech Tip Knowledge Base.


Videos in this series:

  1. What is a postprocessor?
  2. Create and test a 3-axis postprocessor
  3. Modifying tool change and work offset output
  4. Changing G-codes in Post Builder
  5. Tool Command Language (TCL) - Part 1
  6. Tool Command Language (TCL) - Part 2
  7. Tool Command Language (TCL) - Part 3
  8. Tool Command Language (TCL) - Part 4: More on IF statement
  9. Tool Command Language (TCL) - Part 5: Source and Switch
  10. Using the Custom Command Library
  11. Create a lathe postprocessor
  12. Create a mill-turn postprocessor
  13. Create a 4-axis postprocessor
  14. Create a 5-axis postprocessor
  15. Tilted work plane
  16. User Defined Events


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Aaron Frankel (Community Manager)

  I think you just made my day with that coolant example. Now I think I should be able to do something in a post to automatically turn coolant on on beginning of operation and shut it of before tool change.

  How did you get M07 in a same line with? G43?? (I watched almost all your videos on post builder and I don't recall you had anything on initial move line) also you had M08 two lines under that how did that came up when you selected mist in machine control???


On a side note:

before I start let me say that NX CAM is very good software (not easiest)


  I don't understand why in NX you would need to click 10 times to turn coolant on or off

one simple check box or drop down would do it

I will get carpo tunel 7 times over before I retire Smiley Happy


  This is something that is completely overlooked all this years.

( You can find more then dozen post like this one all over a web )

It's completely in wrong section it doesn't belong in machine control (name suggest its logical place for coolant but its not)  it takes so much clicking for such a simple thing that I don't even bother with that anymore. It's more efficient to change in post once is out instead 15 operation  5 clicks to turn coolant on and then 5 clicks to turn coolant off for every operation.


 I would like to see one dialog box that contains all tool parameters in one place.

Coolant control should be in a tool section along with cutter compensation (not in non cutting moves 4 tabs over 3rd section down). and it should include speeds and feeds.

One could create tools and set all parameters from one dialog box and of you go creating operations.





I'm asking myself the same thing, how did you manage to get the m07/mo08 next to the g43, that's what I wanted to do but so far no success