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Track the Position of Chamfer Tools

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

Tracking Points for Chamfer Tools



Chamfer tools now contain five system-defined tracking points.





Created with NX CAM 9.0.3



The system-defined tracking points appear in the list. Previously, there were no system-defined tracking points for chamfer mill tools.


To use this self-demo, save the attached part file locally and follow the instructions in the pdf document.


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About the Author

Holder.jpg Bill Storrs is in the CAM Product Management Group at Siemens PLM software, Cypress California. His main focus is on CAM usability and learning support. He currently leads the CAM Learning Initiative Team whose mission is to provide users with a comprehensive collection of reference and training materials. He has an M.A. in Corporate Training and Development and has been in the industry for over 20 years.
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PLM World Member Phenom

Still cannot easly define a double angle cutter that will cut the top and bottom of a hole.  This is extremly usefull for edge break on hole thru a cylindrical face.  Thisis not some strange form tool but something you can easly order from a catalog.  After all it is 2016!  Yes I know it can be done with a funkey defiened step drill but you cannot assign tracking points.chamfer_tool.JPG

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I want to support the comment of "camster". How many releases do we have to wait till we get this tool? In the moment we define this tool as a user_defined_tool. But then we can't use it in CHAMFER_MILLING...


For holes, we have addressed the need for back chamfering with the new back countersink tool and operation, but that uses a cycle, not milling.



Milling is planned, but for now, you need to use a user defined milling tool and planar profile. I understand user defined tools are not the easiest to define, but hopefully you do it once with the tracking points you need, and put it in your tool library. 

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PLM World Member Phenom



We often machine holes that require a chamfer and are not on a planar face.  Like a hole through a cylinder for example.  In this case neither Planar Profile or Back Countersinking will work. 


We have had succes with creating a step drill and using fixed contour, not the most elegant solution but it works.


Thanks for the reply! The comments in this area should be specifically about this tech tip presentation. Since you asked a more general question, your reply was moved to the NX Manufacturing Discussion Forum, where it will get many more views.