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Understanding Machine Tool Simulation Concepts (13 videos)

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The following introductory training video series is for manufacturers who want to understand the components of G-code based Machine Tool Simulation in NX CAM. It describes the machine tool examples provided as part of the NX software install, the basic customization process and tools needed.


NOTE: It will take almost a minute before all of the content on this page is displayed and you can scroll down. Please be patient while the previews for all 13 videos are loaded.


Created with NX 7.5



The introductory training video series is broken down into 13 brief chapters, as described below.  It is helpful to go through them in order at first, but having several chapters makes it easier to return to the material for reinforcement.


Learning Objective: Gain an understanding of the various available simulation modules in NX CAM, the concept of NC code based simulation and important role of the controller model. After this basic training you will be able to demonstrate advanced simulation utilizing the provided examples as well as to reuse them to create your own simulation environment with some customization possibilities.


Target Audience: This course  is useful for everyone who wants to understand how NX CAM simulation works and what is available in this product area. This training is a prerequisite for the advanced series.


Introductory Training Video Series for Machine Tool Simulation


Chapter 1: Simulation Overview - Levels of Simulation (3:14) - Understanding the different levels of simulation. What is provided with the products of Siemens PLM Software 


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Chapter 2: NX CAM ISV Architecture and Simulation Drivers (4:37) - Understanding the concepts and architecture of NX CAM related to simulation drivers. Get an overview of the different drivers in the system. 

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Chapter 3: MTD vs CSE (1:19) - Understanding the strategy and difference between Machine Tool Driver MTD and Common Simulation Engine CSE 

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Chapter 4: CSE Concept and Naming (1:20) - Understanding the concept of CSE and details of naming and history 

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Chapter 5: The 4 Main Modules of CSE (6:00) - Understanding the details of CSE and its main modules. 

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Chapter 6: CSE Architecture Overview (3:18) - Understanding the internal architecture of CSE and its run-time data flow. 

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Chapter 7: Delivered with NX7.5 (2:45) - Overview of the content delivered with NX7.5 with a glance on the out-of-the-box examples. 

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Chapter 8: Datastructure of a machine tool components (4:16) - Understanding the data structure of a machine tool and how its data is stored. 

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Chapter 9: Things to Remember (2:44) - Important notes when working with CSE. Things which can easily be overseen. 

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Chapter 10: Toolchange Cycle - Anycontroller Language (13:15) - Understand the concept of tool changes with CSE. Get an overview about the Anycontroller language used to cover PLC events by CSE. 

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Chapter 11: About ini files (6:07) - Understanding the concept of initialization files. Find out how they are used by the provided examples. 

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Chapter 12: Available Documentation (2:16) - Summary of the available documentation and learn how to access it. 

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Chapter 13: About Offsets (12:21) - Understanding the concepts of fixture offsets when simulating NC code. Find out how offsets are handled by CSE and the examples provided.

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   Thank you Derek Hart,

It's very helpful


Great introduction. Thanks!

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where i can download this videos?



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