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Use NX to program VoluMill roughing patterns

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Learn how to incorporate specialized hard-milling roughing patterns from Celeritive into your NX CAM CNC programs. VoluMill is available as a seamless plug-in for NX, offering an alternative roughing pattern for hard materials and deep cavities. See it in action.


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Created with NX 8.5 and NX 9.0



The VoluMill plug-in for NX is seamlessly integrated into NX CAM. The VoluMill operations:

  • Are accessed and created in the same way as other NX CAM operations
  • Work associatively in the operation navigator, with sequence support


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About the Presenter



Barry Davidson is a senior application engineer at Celeritive Technologies. Barry has launched and managed complete NX CAD/CAM implementations in shops which had no prior CAM or programming capabilities.  In 2011, Barry incorporated VoluMill into his company’s NX based manufacturing processes and quickly gained a passion for this new product, which led to his current position at Celeritive.


Derek Hart
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Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

What is the cost and can I buy it from Siemens?


VoluMill is sold by VoluMill partners, many of which are also Siemens NX CAM and CAM Express partners. For information, check out


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Volumill 6 recently released can do bi directional cutting.  This makes Volumill viable for softer metals in many cases also.

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