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What's new in NX 12 for your industry?

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This article is a summary of resources, organized by industry categories, describing NX CAM software updates available with the NX 12 for manufacturing release. It includes new and improved functions delivered since the release of NX 11.0.0. Each item listed is linked to another article with more details.  Bill Storrs, in the CAM Product Management Group at Siemens PLM software, created the following tech tip video demonstrations. 


Robotic programming


robotics tech tips.gif

Robotic Machining




robotic pick and place programminig.gifRobotic Pick and Place Programming




Production machining (prismatic parts machining)


Mill Turn.gifMill Turn





orient work view.gifOrient Work View to Tool Axis or MCS




 IPW 1.gif

 IPW - 3D Holder Collision Check



ipw 2.gif IPW - Turning Support



ipw 3.gif IPW - Geometry View




display step over.gifDisplay or Hide Stepover Moves




rampling while.gifRamping while profiling in a Floor Wall Milling operation




explic.gifExplicitly locate and orient the IPW when machining multiple parts




controlling.gifControlling the depth of the chamfer tool by offsetting the drive point




control.gifControl the Feed Rate Across Intersecting Holes




gouge.gifGouge Checking consistency for Hole Making operation types




specifying.gifSpecifying multiple starts for thread milling operations




turning tool.gifTurning Tool Orientation Display




wire edm.gifWire EDM Nocore Lead In




wedm.gifWEDM Finish Cutoff Pass




tool and toolpath.gifTool and Tool Path Display Options




show 3d.gifShow 3D or Spinning 3D IPW




smooth non.gifSmooth Non Cutting Moves




mirror operations.gifMirror Operations




new boring.gifNew Boring and Chamfer Tools




turning workpiece.gifTurning Workpiece Inheritance




skip cut areas.gifSkip Cut Areas Where Engages Do Not Fit




smooth non cutting moves.gifSmooth Non Cutting Moves




improved performance.gifIPW - Improved Performance




smooth cutting in corners.gifSmooth Cutting in Corners Except the Last Pass




Mold and Die


roughing tool paths.gifRoughing Tool Paths that Adapt to Part Shape



CAM faceting.gifCAM Faceting





machine cut.gifMachine cut regions in order from the highest to lowest ZM values




smoothly remove.gifSmoothly remove scallops in the center and corners of the cut pattern




tool path no longer.gifTool path no longer overlaps steep and non-steep cut patterns



drive curve.gifDrive Curve Creation in Streamline




options to improve.gifOptions to Improve Finish Cuts in Area Milling




gouge checking.gifGouge Checking with Different Part and Cut Area Stock




depth first.gifDepth First Ordering in Area Milling




Complex Machining


machining tools.gifMachining Tubes and Ports




rough machining.gifRough Machining Tubes and Ports



interpolate tool.gifInterpolate Tool Axis Enhancements




data display.gifData Display



enhanced gouge.gifEnhanced Gouge Check Reports




tool axis.gifTool Axis Smoothing for Blade Machining




generate non cutting.gifGenerate Non Cutting Moves Only for Any Drive Method




tool tilt enhancements.gifTool Tilt Enhancements




smooth non cutting moves.gifSmooth Non Cutting Moves




interpolate 2.gifInterpolate Tool Axis Enhancements




General Improvements


time analysis.gifTime Analysis




probe output control.gifProbe Output Control




load ipw.gifLoad IPW From Operation




analysis consolidation.gifAnalysis Consolidation




enhanced ipw.gifEnhanced IPW Resolution




drag and drop.gifDrag and Drop




add feed items.gifAdd Feed Items to Operation and Method Dialogs




easily identify.gifEasily identify the tool needed when editing or creating an operation




displaying an.gifDisplaying an advanced view of the machine axis positions




save the specified.gifSave the Specified Tool Axis




organize.gifOrganize Dialog Groups into Nodes




dialog search.gifDialog Search




copying cam.gifCopying CAM Objects from a Component




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NX 12 press release: 

Siemens' latest version of NX expands toolset for digitalizing the machine shop


About the Author

BillStorrs.png Bill Storrs is in the CAM Product Management Group at Siemens PLM software, Cypress California. His main focus is on CAM usability and learning support. He currently leads the CAM Learning Initiative Team whose mission is to provide users with a comprehensive collection of reference and training materials. He has an M.A. in Corporate Training and Development and has been in the industry for over 20 years.