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Z-level 5-axis Tool Path Orientation

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Making 2.5 axis or 3 axis cuts at several different index positions is often called 3+2 machining. For z-level cuts in NX CAM, this approach is particularly easy to accomplish. This Tech Tip describes an easy way to program a sequence of Z-level operations at multiple tool axis orientations without creating multiple MCS geometries.




This Tech Tip was created with NX 8.5



Step 1

Create your MCS using either the Mill_contour or Mill_multi-axis template (Do not use the mill_planar template)


  Step 2

Customize your Zlevel 5 Axis operation to include the ‘Tool Axis’ option



Now that your Z-level 5 Axis operation includes the Tool Axis option, specify this option as either Specify Vector or Dynamic



For Specify Vector, set the Tool Axis to the appropriate vector for each operation



Generate the tool path



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About the Author


Lars Lars Okkels is in the Manufacturing Business Group at Siemens PLM Software and focuses on part manufacturing solutions especially for Mold & Die. He has been in the industry for over 15 years and enjoys supporting NX users applying innovative manufacturing technology solutions. Lars is originally from Denmark and now resides in Shanghai, China, with his family.


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