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hey guys,


I´m kind of lost in here, i ´m writting my bachelor thesis at the moment and i´m supposed to write a tool in Process Simulate. 

I worked just a little with Simulate and less with c# and Visual studio... So i started to work myself through different kind of tutorials and books to get used zu c#


the Problem is 

I tried to create a Sphere in Simulate so i just searched for the Method Sphere in the Help discription... I realizied that the Method "CreateSphere" wants the Objekt "TxSolid" as a return value....

And i can´t find any constructor for the Txsolid... so i had no idea what to do....

Well i found the solution for the problem in this forum, but it doesn´t really help me out

How do you know what else is required just like to create a Component first... 

And this one... 


to be honest i have no idea what it does...


So i would be glad if any of you could help me out and show me a way to teach myself with developing some tools.... i already realizied that you got an Knowledge Base in here but it just shows how to create some stuff and not how to teach it to your own....

Well i hope you get what i wanted to say and if you got any Questions pls aks... 

And sry if there are any Language barriers ^^



Thanks a  lot 


MichaelSmiley Happy


Re: Beginner


To to say it in a short way....
it would be great if somebody could tell me how to get started in developing in simulate


Re: Beginner




To get started with programming for ProcessSimulate you need have a basic programming skills in in any .net programming language: visual basic, c#, managed c++. For all this languages the default IDE is Visual Studio. It is default and it is really good.

The next step is to create command in Process Simulate. This is described in Video: Tecnomatix .NET API General Training- session 1: How to write a command


After that you have to create ander PhysicalRoot an object, that implements  ITxGeometryCreation interface. It can be one from the list:


I would suppose, that you create a component:

TxComponent component = TxApplication.ActiveDocument.PhysicalRoot.CreateLocalComponent(new TxLocalComponentCreationData("New Component"));

Than you call Function CreateSolidSphere of the created object and the function returns you a TxSolid object, which represents a created sphere.

TxSolid sphere = component.CreateSolidSphere(new TxSphereCreationData("new sphere", new TxVector(), 256));


Something like this.