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Check for license




how can I check if there is a valid license for a robot controller?

I want to prevent, that the user has to click the message box with the missing license multiple times.



Re: Check for license

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Siemens Phenom

you could use dos shell commands from "lmutil" to check for a feature in your license, check if there is a free license and you get the expiry date.

lmutil lmstat -c 28000@yourLicenseServer-f prd_em_workplace_nt
(lmutil is e.g. included in your License Server Setup or you can copy this lmutil.exe file to any other location)
Instead of "prd_em_workplace_nt" you can enter any feature from your license, also robot controller.

I´m not sure if there is an implementation in TX API.

Best regards

Re: Check for license


Hello Patrick,


thank you for the hint with the dos shell command.

I will try this possibility for V11.1 soon.

Meanwhile I studied the .Net help files of version 11.1, 12.1.3 and 13.0.2

It seems that in V11 and V12 there are no API functions to check licenses.

But in V13, Tecnomatix has obviously added some classes.

I will also try these new properties, methods and exceptions after I have installed the V13 software.

TxNoLicenseException, MissingLicenseName, ShowMissingLicenseMessage, Licensed are maybe what I am looking for.