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Create a Interference Volume (based on SweptVol + InterferenceVol)


Hi everyone again,


I have been working a bit with Swept and Inteference volumes lately and today I thought about the posiblity of creating an Interfence Volume (IV) that is the result of a Swept Volume (SV) and an IV.


The reason why I came down to this idea is because I am checking where robots collide with each other. Sometimes I find out that there is posibilty of collision of 3 robots in one area and by being able to combine 3 SVs [IV (contains 2 SVs) + 1 SV] the algorithms gets simplified.


I have tried to find information on the SDK but cant get anything useful.


My idea was to type cast an IV as an SV (preferably first make a copy of the IV) and then use the built-in tool to perform the calculation of the new IV.


Has anyone tried this before? Could you give me a direction to head to? 


Thanks in advance for your help.


Re: Create a Interference Volume (based on SweptVol + InterferenceVol)

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Though your idea to get the common volume for all 3 robots is conceptually right , you can not do that, as the SV and the VI are 2 different classed and you can not type cast one from the other.