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Create a cylinder in TxManipulator




I want to create a cylinder with the TxManipulator. The problem is that Tecnomatix.NET only offers the posibility to create cone, line, plane, polyline and sphere elements. Is there another posibility to create a temporary cylinder on the grafic viewer?


Thanks in advance!


Re: Create a cylinder in TxManipulator

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi MW1908,


Instead of manipulator you can use a local component (it will appear in the Object Tree) and add a temp cylinder to it (it will not show in the Object Tree).

Here is an example:

TxLocalComponentCreationData creationData = new TxLocalComponentCreationData("comp1", new TxTransformation());
TxComponent comp1 = TxApplication.ActiveDocument.PhysicalRoot.CreateLocalComponent(creationData);
TxCylinderCreationData data = new TxCylinderCreationData("c1", new TxVector(), new TxVector(0, 0, 100), 30); data.SetAsDisplay(); TxSolid cs = comp1.CreateSolidCylinder(data); cs.Color = TxColor.TxColorRed; TxApplication.RefreshDisplay();


Best Regards,