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Executing simulation runs within a method



I have developed a library in c++ to optimise simulation problems (similar to the GAWizard).

I access the optimisation procedure in the library through a Dialog object I created.

The Dialog object has a method (callback method) which allows for specifying the simulation model parameters such as decision variables and their ranges, as well as the output parameters to be optimised.


After I call the library and start the optimisation procedure, I desire to run the simulation problems/models from the library.

When the models are run however, the simulation run is unable to start unless the method calling the library (callback method) execute completely.

I read in the help guide that Tecnomatix Plant Simulation EventController (the object I use to run the models) cannot start or reset a simulation from within a method unless the method fully executes first. So in my case the callback method must fully execute before any simulation run is done in the library, which I do not desire as the optimisation procedure relies on iterative simulation run results.


Is there a way around this perhaps? Can't I start (or reset) a simulation run from within a method without fully executing the method?

To summarize, how can I run a TPS model from within a method in a Dialog object while the method is still executing?


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Re: Executing simulation runs within a method

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Are you asking a question regrading the Plant Simulation or Process Simulate? This forum is for the .net API support of Process Simulate only.


Re: Executing simulation runs within a method


It is a question regarding Tecnomatix Plant Simulation.