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Getting Signal change time

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I am trying to find specific simulation time for when a signal changes his value.

The purpose of this is get those times in a report for establishing devices cycle times(similar to Robotic cycle time report command )

The problem i encounter is that the time that gets written in the .txt is the end simulation time. I would like to write the time when signal value changes.

Here is my code :

public override void Execute(object cmdParams)
TxDocument active = TxApplication.ActiveDocument;
TxPlcProgramRoot progRoot = active.PlcProgramRootOrNull;
if (progRoot != null)
TxPlcProgram prog = progRoot.CurrentPlcProgramOrNull;
if (prog != null)
TxTypeFilter filter = new TxTypeFilter(typeof(TxPlcOutputSignal));
TxObjectList sigs = prog.GetSignals(filter);
foreach (TxPlcOutputSignal sig in sigs)


var Val = sig.Value.BooleanValue;
string value = Convert.ToString(Val);

if (Val == true)

var time = new TxSimulationPlayer();
string time_value = Convert.ToString(time.CurrentTime);
string[] lines = { time_value };
System.IO.File.WriteAllLines(@"E:\folder\WriteTime.txt", lines);



Any ideea how i can get the specific time of the changing value of signal?


Thank you .


Re: Getting Signal change time

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Siemens Phenom

Hi Lonut,


You can check this post.


Best Regards,