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Getting custom motion parameters


How do i get the custom motion parameters via API, like velocity, acceleration, overlap, etc.

I've checked the Txrobot object, but didn't found anything related.


thanks in advance


Re: Getting custom motion parameters

Normally it is stored in Robot Parameters, you can use PS command, 'Robot Parameters Viewer" to view it but you can't edit it.

For API, use SetParameter or GetParameter to modify it


ITxRoboticViaLocationOperation via;
via.SetParameter(new TxRoboticStringParam("RRS_ZONE_NAME", rrs_zoneName));

Re: Getting custom motion parameters


Maybe this was a missunderstanding.


In the end, i want to get a list of all user created Parameters for a robot.

for example, i set up a new profildata for a new velocity parameter via the Robot Setup.

These new parameters supposed to be saved somehow.


I know about the SetParameter, but in that case i would need to know the name (String) of the parameter

up front.


the attachment is for an Dürr Ecotalk, but it should be similar to any other Controller



Re: Getting custom motion parameters

From your picture,I am not sure but for the custom properties, I think custom controller can save it to anywhere not it PS parameters, possible it is in roboter machine file folder, in component instance attributes ...

Re: Getting custom motion parameters


Hi tphuy,


its definitly stored in the machine data files. These parameters are (SYSTEM) and can not be modified by the user.

All parameters which are created within the study are not stored there.


What do you mean by "component instance attributes".

Can i access them by the TxRobot?


TxObjectList selectedList = TxApplication.ActiveSelection.GetItems();

//TxViewersManager man = TxApplication.ViewersManager;

if (selectedList.Count == 1)


TxRobot robot = selectedList[0] as TxRobot;

ArrayList attributes = robot.Attributes;



when i try it i don't get these parameters