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Getting unknown error while objectRobot.GetPoseConfiguration(posedata)


Hi Team,


I am creating new operations and viaroboticlocations and assigning an robot and gun to those welding operations.

I want to acheive robotic simuation by these via locations but getting unknown error at Txrobot.GetPoseConfiguration(posedata). I am using below code for the reference.


TxDocument doc = TxApplication.ActiveDocument;
TxOperationRoot operRoot = doc.OperationRoot;

TxServoGun objGun = TxApplication.ActiveDocument.GetObjectsByName("vagba_1900001043")[0] as TxServoGun;
ITxRobot object_robot = TxApplication.ActiveDocument.GetObjectsByName("s11r02")[0] as ITxRobot;

if (object_robot != null && objGun != null)

ArrayList list = new ArrayList();
list.Add(5.00 ); list.Add(-40.00 ); list.Add(14); list.Add(-86 ); list.Add(-72 ); list.Add(-25.00 );

TxPoseData posedata = new TxPoseData();
posedata.JointValues = list;

ITxRobot objectRobot = object_robot as ITxRobot;

TxRobotConfigurationData roboConfigdata = objectRobot.GetPoseConfiguration(posedata);
TxTransformation absLoc = objectRobot.GetTCPFByPoseData(posedata);

//Create Compund operation first
TxCompoundOperationCreationData compoundOpnData = new TxCompoundOperationCreationData();
compoundOpnData.Name = "Compound_Opn_" + op_id;
TxCompoundOperation compoundOpn = operRoot.CreateCompoundOperation(compoundOpnData);

//Create Weld operation and assign it as robot and gun as resource.
TxWeldOperationCreationData wldopnData = new TxWeldOperationCreationData();
wldopnData.Name = "WeldOpn_" + op_id;
TxWeldOperation weldOperation = compoundOpn.CreateWeldOperation(wldopnData);
weldOperation.Robot = objectRobot;
weldOperation.Gun = objGun;
weldOperation.Duration = 15;

//Create ViaLocation operation
TxRoboticViaLocationOperationCreationData roboticViaLocationData = new TxRoboticViaLocationOperationCreationData();
roboticViaLocationData.Duration = 15.00;
roboticViaLocationData.Name = "via_Loc" + op_id;
TxRoboticViaLocationOperation roboticViaLocationOpn = weldOperation.CreateRoboticViaLocationOperation(roboticViaLocationData);
roboticViaLocationOpn.AbsoluteLocation = absLoc;
roboticViaLocationOpn.RobotConfigurationData = roboConfigdata;
catch (TxException e)



Re: Getting unknown error while objectRobot.GetPoseConfiguration(posedata)

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi Sandeepmore,


Can you check in debugger what are the values in posedata.JointValues, before you call to

TxRobotConfigurationData roboConfigdata = objectRobot.GetPoseConfiguration(posedata);


Best Regards,