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How to check if a component has entities loaded

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How to check if a component has entities loaded and if not how to load/unload them?
I've seen the IsOpenForModeling Property but i cannot find a "reload component" method (only "End Modeling" which saves changes) - my intention is to read some data from the entities but only in "read only" mode.




If you need only read only access to the entities, you better use the entity level.

Still, for modeling changes we have the following methods on ITxComponent interface – SetModelingScope, IsOpenForModeling and EndModeling.

Load Entity Level can be called from the .NET API using the following code (example):


ITxObject obj = TxApplication.ActiveSelection.GetItems()[0];
ITxStorable storableObj = obj as ITxStorable;

if (storableObj != null)
    TxLibraryStorage libraryStorageObject = storableObj.StorageObject as TxLibraryStorage;
    if ((libraryStorageObject != null) && libraryStorageObject.HasDetailedRepresentation)
            if ((obj as ITxComponent).RepresentationType == TxRepresentationType.United)//if the representation type is Detailed, then it is already in entity level.
        catch (Exception e)